10 Best Travel Sized Grooming Products
Size matters. Especially when you're paying for extra weight. Make sure that your toiletry bag is packed full of these party-sized products...

November 28, 2011

spruce up in five minutes

Make sure that your toiletry bag is packed full of these party-sized products…

Moisturise before boarding

Cabin air can seriously dry your skin and lips. The fix: Nivea For Men Protect And Care SPF15 is not only an intensive moisturiser, its sleek shape is also great for packing.

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Prone to eye wrinkles? The fix: Lab Series Instant Moisture Eye Gel.

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Remember the sunscreen

Don’t forgo sun protection due to lack of space. The fix:Simply Sun SPF 60 with UVA & UVB  has you covered, face, body and lips, in one convenient roll-on. It’s not considered a fluid, so you don’t have to wedge it into a clear plastic bag at the security line.

Bring your own stuff

Sure, hotel soaps are free and plentiful, but they’re laced with perfumes that can dry your face. (And who wants to smell like honeysuckle?) The fix: Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer sachets are the ultimate travel mates. These easy-to-use face wipes instantly resurface and brighten tired and dehydrated skin.

Pack combos

That hair-washing experiment with a bar of soap didn’t succeed when you were a kid because you weren’t using the right soap. The fix: Shampoo and conditioner are just two parts of the convenient American Crew Essentials Travel Kit . It contains a 50ml shave gel, post shave lotion and body wash. Another handy item? American Crew Pomade.

Debug that tray

A 2007 study from the University of Arizona found that 60% of airplane trays tested positive for MRSA. The fix: Use an antibacterial wipe like Kleenex Protect Hand Sanitising Moist wipes to clean your hands before you pop open the pretzels.

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Keep your smile bright

Pharmacies rarely carry more than a few basic travel-sized options, which almost never include a whitening toothpaste. The fix: Get yourself a White Glo Traveller’s Pack. It’s cabin compatible, includes a toothbrush, dental floss and is already packed in a ziplock bag. Fight bacteria and stale morning breath with a travel-sized mouthwash like Listerine Total Care Sensitive. It has a safe seal cap that prevents leaking.

High and dry

Nerves and long flights make for bad travel companions, so don’t skimp on the deo. The fix: Use one that doesn’t contain alcohol, which increases dehydration and can cause irritation, like Clarins Men Antiperspirant Deo Roll-On.

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In the bag

Extreme lightness has become the number one requirement for people on the move. The fix: Beat the weigh-in fees with Samsonite’s lighter than ever B’Lite Toiletry Bag.