10 Things Every Man Should Keep In His Office
You'll spend most of your time at your desk. Make it comfortable with these items

October 18, 2017

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One of the trademarks of Michael Scott, the terrible boss played by Steve Carell on The Office, was his hilariously cluttered workspace.

It wasn’t so much that he had a giant mess lying around, but that his mess was an inexplicable mix of toys no kid would want and junk no adult should need.
You can stock your desk with plenty of cool gadgets—as long as they have a purpose. Add this gear to your workspace and watch your productivity soar.

360 Electrical Revolve Plus Surge Protector With Rotating Outlets

If you’re the kind of guy who keeps two extra backup chargers at the office, you could probably use some extra outlets for your personal devices. This set plugs right into your wall socket, and each outlet rotates 360 degrees, limiting the strain on your devices’ wires.

Throw in two additional USB outlets and all your power needs are solved.

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Holmes Hepa Type Desktop Air Purifier

Most offices are petri dishes with hidden germs festering all over doorknobs, desk chairs, and keyboards. Protect your immune system and stave off sickness with one of the best and most affordable air purifiers out there.

Panasonic Ergofit Noise Isolating Earbuds

Work in an open-concept office? Stay focused, eliminate distractions, and tune out your loudmouth neighbor in the next cube over with these comfortable, noise-isolating headphones.

Drinking Cup Holder Clip

If you haven’t yet spilled your coffee all over your keyboard (or your pants), trust us: You will. Grab this gadget now to avoid disaster later.

X-Elite Standing Desk

We don’t like to brag, but we’ve been beating the standing desk drum since long before it was cool. Studies show that sitting all day could steal years from your life, so get up and stand up—starting with this desk.

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LASKO 754200 Ceramic Heater

Have you ever worked in an office where the temperature was just right? No, you haven’t. Because this place doesn’t exist.

As winter approaches, be prepared with a desktop heater. This one will make sure you don’t freeze so you can keep your focus.

Desktop Punching Ball

You’d love to punch your boss every time he goes on a power trip—but you’d also love to stay employed. Plan B: Pretend you’re pummeling the big guy with this stress-busting ball.

Office Elliptical Trainer

Can’t make it to the gym over lunch? Stick this clever mini-elliptical under your desk and pedal the calories away.


This sneaky device is perfect for guys who like to check their fantasy football scores—or read awesome Men’s Health articles—on work time. If you sense a colleague creeping over your shoulder, just tap the pedal with your foot and voilà: All non-work windows and apps will disappear instantly.

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Office Travel Organizer

The modern office needs to be mobile. If you frequently hit the road for work, store all your important gear—tablets, cords, wires, the works—in this safe, easily accessible organizer.