100 Days to Total Body Transformation!
Follow five guys on the MH team take on the annual Men’s Health Staff Challenge

May 16, 2016

Follow five guys on the MH team take on the annual Men’s Health Staff Challenge. We dare you to join them. Here’s how…

It’s that time again. Every year at Men’s Health we challenge staff members to pit themselves against each other in a tournament of strength, power and pure determination. It’s a three-month test that has each challenger choose a fitness discipline and then go all out in attempt at total body transformation.

A hundred days to muscle: that’s the mantra for this year’s challenge. Everybody this year wants to bulk up and they’ve each chosen trainers who specialise in packing on muscle. Only 100 days. That’s what our guys are going to be repeating to themselves when their lungs are burning and when their muscles are pushed to the limit.

This year we’re giving you total access to what they’ll be doing! More than just sharing their blood, sweat and tears, they’ll be sharing their workouts, insights and training tips. We want you to approach the next hundred days in the same spirit that our team are approaching it, and join in by following the staffers’ progress, doing the workouts along with them and asking them questions on social media.

Don’t believe you can do it? Maybe you think you’re just a beginner and that you can’t do what they’re doing. You’re wrong and we’re going to tell you why. Let us present exhibit A: Clint Jurgens, our Art Director.

Clint started the 2011 Staff Challenge as a soft-in-the-belly graphic designer. He had an eating plan that was about as healthy as an oil spill and his fitness programme consisted mostly of mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts.

That all changed. Not only did get shredded in the 2011 challenge, he doubled down in the 2013 and took complete charge of his workout and eating plan, reducing his body fat from 17.2%  to 7.1%. Now he pulls off moves like this daily:


Clint changed from somebody who thought working out was only for other people into a true  calisthenics expert and our MH Gym Guy. (Need more convincing? Check out his Beast Mode workout for inspiration)

The truth is that Staff Fitness Challenge is about more than just what you can achieve in three months. It’s about how you can build the base for lifelong fitness journey. There are no excuses: you’re never too old or overweight to start.

Follow the challenge on Twitter and Instagram on the hashtags #100DaysToMuscle and #MHTeamfit. Check on the 100 Days To Muscle hub for daily updates and follow each of the team’s  hashtags and accounts to get a keep track of their progress.

Here are this year’s contenders:

Richard D’Aguiar

Age: 28
Training: CrossFit – Black River CrossFit
Trainer: Leon Gazet
Goals:  I’d like to double up on my strict pull ups from 13 to 26, increase the size of my chest and biceps, and improve & master my deadlift technique

CrossFit training tries to improve your ability to do a number of different things and improve all your energy pathways rather than focussing specifically on one physical skill, objective or energy pathway. I am challenging myself through the discipline of CrossFit to improve my physical fitness which will overflow into improving the other facets of everyday life.

The trainers at Black River CrossFit are nothing short of professional and create a sense of community within the classes. Follow me through this journey and challenge yourself to step up and master your own strengths.

See you out there.

Twitter: @rwdsailing
Instagram: richarddaguiar

Follow Richard’s progress on the #TeamRich hashtag

Thomas Okes

Age: 33
Training: Strength training for trail running
Trainer: Chris Lippstreu from Race Fit (race-fit.co.za)
Goals: Build an 8-pack; run 5K in under 20 minutes

Last year I spent 12 weeks in a dark and stinking boxing gym; this year I want to see some sky. We live in trail running country. The best mountains, the best views. But if you want to stand on top of the world you’re going have get up there first.

And it’s not easy – it’s a full-body workout, hard on the legs, the lungs, even the back. If I want to get anywhere close I’m going to have to pick up a few heavy things and put them down again, run faster than I think is possible, build a core that could fire up a nuclear reactor. Luckily, I’m getting expert help. Chris Lippstreu from Race Fit teaches trail running. Specifically, he specialises in strength training for endurance athletes. Fast guys who want to get stronger, so they can get faster. Like me.

Twitter: @thomasokes
Instagram: Thomas Okes

Follow Thom’s progress on the #TeamThom hashtag

Werner Viln

Name: Werner Viln
Age: 31
Training: Strength Training & HIIT (BUC & Sweat1000)
Trainer: Wiehann van Wyk
Goals: Add 5cm to chest & Reveal abs – Perform a L-Sit to Handstand.

My 100 Days to Muscle training will consist of Strength Training as well as HIIT circuit training at BUC Fitness & Sweat1000. I really want to use this opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about what it takes to build a perfect physique. So it was a no brainer to choose Personal Trainer & Physique Champion Wiehann van Wyk.

This guy has managed to develop muscles that I have never even seen or heard of and according to him, the perfection is in this detail. Wiehann is starting my training by focusing on building overall strength and muscle gain, as well as to train my Mind-to-muscle intelligence. This will enable me to focus only on the muscle being exercised and it will teach me to use those small ‘detail’ muscles that make for the perfect physique. Join me in this incredible journey. It won’t be easy, but we will become strong-as-f*ck superheroes and cover models.

Instagram: Werner Viln

Follow Werner’s progress on the #TeamWerner hashtag

Frank Hermus

Age: 29
Training: Researched Innovative Performance Training (RIPT) at Sports Science Institute High Performance Centre
Trainer: Rodet Yila
Goals: Join triple digit club (100kg) for deadlift, squat and bench press

RIPT is performance training, backed by research. All trainers are biokineticists so, they know their shit. I chose it for an overall fitness improvement, & to be trained by skilled (and qualified) professionals. My trainer, Rodet, is exactly who I want to push me! Helpful, knowledgeable, & knows how to get the best out of me.

Twitter: @frankhermus
Instagram: Frank Hermus

Follow Frank’s progress on the #TeamFrank hashtag

Rob Cilliers

Age: 46
Training: Functional/Strength Training
Trainer: Bauke Hanekom at The HIT Station
Goals: Gain at least 5 kg muscle, squat 1.5x my body weight, bench my body weight. Then use these strength gains to complete my first obstacle course

I’m the oldest in the group by a long shot, so to be able to achieve these goals is going to be way more difficult. But through focus, discipline and heavy training, I WILL exceed my goals and regain the body I had in my 30’s. My trainer, Bauke has one of the most powerful physiques I’ve ever seen – the man is a absolute machine – and trains like a drill sergeant. Together we will transform this body… bigger, stronger than ever before.

Insta: robdcilliers

Twitter: @CilliersRobert