120-Year-Old Virgin Says No Sex Is The Key To His Longevity. Yeah, Sure
Perhaps the conditions for living to 100 are not as appealing as we thought they are

December 13, 2016

If that’s the case, the Fountain of Youth suddenly looks a lot less appealing

A Hindu monk living in India claims he’s 120 years old—and that his virginity played a role in helping him live so long, according to The Daily Mail.
Swami Sivananda’s passport says he was born August 8, 1896. If true, that would make him the oldest man in history.
But there’s reason to question the legitimacy of this guy’s claims. India’s passport authorities say they checked his birth date using a “temple register,” which isn’t exactly ironclad. More concerning is the fact that the dude looks like he’s 70—tops.


But setting aside the holes in his “Yo, I’m totally 120” boasts, Sivananda’s idea that passing on sex helped him live so long doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

A BMJ study says having sex promotes better health and a longer life—especially for men. Another study in Sexual & Relationship Theory finds both sex and masturbation help improve circulation in a man’s genitalia, and may prevent prostate cancer and other health issues.
Meanwhile, there’s no research that shows a link between abstinence and longevity.

To be fair, Sivananda also credits his longevity to yoga. And considering all the health benefits of yoga for men, that’s one long-life prescription we can get behind.