23 Cheats To Bulletproof Your Body
Lose weight, look good and have better sex!

October 18, 2017

Fit guy

Time is precious. Want to lose weight, look good and have better sex? Use these 23 Cheats To Bulletproof Your Body!

1. Drink red wine to make steak healthier

Washing down your rib-eye with a glass of Cab Sav can lower your cholesterol. Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found that compounds called malondialdehydes invade the bloodstream after you eat red meat. These villains raise your cholesterol and your risk of heart disease. After plying half a group of diners with red wine, the scientists found that those who stuck to water saw their modified cholesterol levels rise by 97%, while the drinkers’ levels stayed the same or slightly decreased.

2. Snack on oranges to breathe more easily

As anyone who’s suffered from the dreaded “black snot” will attest, city streets are far from clean. However, a daily vitamin C dose could help. A study from the University of British Columbia found it protects your respiratory system from contaminants. “The effects of air pollution might be modified by antioxidants,” said researcher Michael Brauer.

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3. Cheers! Vodka is good for your heart

Make yours a double: a study in the journal Circulation found that vodka has similar heart-protecting properties to red wine. It raises levels of HDL cholesterol (that’s the good kind), widens your blood vessels and increases the amount of oxygen that reaches your ticker. Grey Goose on the rocks it is, then.

4. Keep her happy by having more sex

Put your wallet away, big spender – new research conducted by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine found that women rate getting enough sex higher than their partner’s generosity. Women who had described their sexual satisfaction as “above average” were 10 to 13 times more likely to rate their relationship as “very happy” than less-satisfied ladies.

5. Fortify the cancer-killing power of veg

Yes, it’s a superfood, but broccoli still has its Kryptonite: your saucepan. Cruciferous veg are packed with cancer-fighting compounds, but in order to absorb them, you need another chemical: myrosinase. This enzyme is destroyed in the cooking process. Replace it by spiking your salad or stir-fry with mustard. It’s the best sidekick your veg could want.

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6. Tweet to drop kilos

A leaner body is just 140 characters away. Scientists at the Arnold School of Public Health in South Carolina studied 96 participants on a weight loss programme. On average, each Twitter-devotee lost 0.5% of their bodyweight for every 10 health tweets they read or wrote.

7. Switch to decaf to save your sight

You might rely on your morning brew, but too much could damage your eyes. Research in Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science found that caffeine raises your risk of getting glaucoma. If the idea of decaf gives you the shakes, limit yourself to three cups a day.

8. Eat walnuts to help your… nuts

If you want to keep your swimmers fighting fit, eat more walnuts. A study published in the Biology of Reproduction found that men who ate 75g of walnuts a day had stronger, healthier and better-shaped sperm.

9. Shaving your head helps your career

Taking the lot off the top can help you rise to the top. Shaving your head makes you look stronger, more manly and suggests you’ll be a better leader, according to studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Maybe someone should give Wayne Rooney the memo…

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10. Get some shut-eye to boost your brain

While those “Learn French in Your Sleep” tapes are nothing more than snake oil, a quick snooze really can make you smarter. University of Edinburgh researchers found that a 10 min power nap after a lesson helps your brain to retain what you’ve just learnt. It’s called “memory consolidation”: your mind isn’t distracted, so the facts have time to seep in while you mentally re-charge.

11. Avoid smokers to ace your to-do list

The effects of smoke linger on more than your clothes: a new study in Addiction tested men’s time- and events-based memory (i.e. remembering to carry out a set task without being prompted). Exposure to second-hand smoke saw a massive 20% drop in recall compared with men who breathed fresh air.

12. Pocket your mobile to win her over

There’s no point in shelling out on a dinner date if you’re going to blow it in the first few seconds: two studies by Essex University found that keeping your cell on the table makes you less attractive. It signifies a “wider social network”, killing intimacy. And yes, this still applies even if it is the latest iPhone.

13. Stand up to fight fat

Don’t send that email – walk across the office instead. Standing for three hours a day can burn 3.6kg a year, Chester University found. “Sitting for 11 hours a day isn’t natural,” says researcher Dr John Buckley, “Your metabolic rate crashes to an absolute minimum.”

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14. Slash kilojoules with orange crockery

Chocolate-flavoured drinks taste better when supped from an orange or cream cup found research in the Journal of Sensory Studies. Scientists say this discovery could help people lose weight. Try eating dessert from an orange bowl: if you feel more satisfied, you’re likely to consume fewer kilojoules.

15. Help your heart with Strawberries

Eating strawberries three times a week will lower your chances of a heart attack by more than 30%, found a study published in the journal Circulation. Berries are a rich source of flavonoids which dilate your arteries, helping to clear out any fatty build ups.

16. Hit the treadmill to learn new skills

The key to boosting your muscle memory or “motor learning” is to do 20 min of aerobic exercise straight after completing the skill you want to master. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen found that this unleashes chemicals in your brain that make the lesson stick. So hit the park after your COD fix.

17. Live longer with 15min workouts

Getting active now will give you more time for leisure in your golden years. New research published in the medical journal The Lancet found that men who exercised for just 15 min a day – achievable by getting off the bus a stop or two early – added three years to their lives. The fact you’ll look better is an added bonus.

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18. Lie face-down for sweeter dreams

We all know what happens if you eat cheese before bed, but sleeping on your stomach can have far more pleasant results. A study in the journal Dreaming found that front sleepers were more likely to dream about having sex. Certainly beats the one about showing up to school naked.

19. Drink milk, win a Nobel prize

The New England Journal of Medicine has found a link between a country’s milk consumption and their tendency to win Nobel prizes. While a daily glass of the white stuff won’t turn you into Einstein, the study authors did note that dairy products are rich in vitamin D, which is known to boost brainpower. Chocolate was also linked to prize-winning smarts. “Strive for synergy with hot chocolate,” the study authors suggest.

20. Oil your brain to help Alzheimer’s

A daily dose of coconut oil could stave off the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, found an Oxford University study. The oil contains a rare type of fat (MCTs) that the brain is more easily able to use as fuel. This extra power boost helps your grey matter store short-term memories more efficiently.

22. Tell the truth to stop headaches

Skip that little white lie now and you’ll save yourself more than one headache later down the line. Studies from the University of Notre Dame in the US found that lying hurts your health. After asking a group of men to either abstain from, cut back on or go free-fall with their lies, they found that the truth-tellers were less tense or sad and suffered from fewer maladies such as sore throats and headaches.

23. Make friends to lose weight

There’s a reason why Fatty had a party and nobody came: a new study suggests that hanging out with mates keeps you trim. When Ohio State University researchers put mice in a social environment, with playmates and toys, they lost 50% of their belly in a month. It also altered their physiology, turning ‘white’ fat into calorie-shifting “brown” fat.