The Only 3 Pieces Of Equipment You Need To Buy To Make A Home Gym
The home improvements you should make so you can make those body improvements

March 2, 2018

pull-up bar

If you want to build a cheap, but potent home gym, below are the three best-value training tools. Think about it, together these items only cost about 3 months of a normal gym subscription and by making your own home gym, you will have a gym for life.

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You can either make your own, using sections of PCV pipe and some really basic DIY skills, or you can buy a set. Personally, we’re not sure how long that PVC will last, so we recommend you invest in Powercore Parallettes (R600,

Pull Up Bar:

You will be able to work on your arms, back and core whenever you want. This is the first, and most important, part of any home gym. Make sure you install it properly, or it won’t be a great start to you training year. Get the Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar (R1 195.01,

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Gymnastic Rings:

These are versatile training tools that you can sling over a tree branch. Take a pair of plastic rings (with strapping) with you on holiday for extra training options. (R480,