4 Body Grooming Blind Spots That Men Often Miss
Women notice everything, so if you want to impress the ladies with your overall appearance, make sure you have these blind spots covered.

October 25, 2018

Details. Details. Details. Women notice everything, so if you want to impress the ladies with your overall appearance, make sure you have these blind spots covered:


Draw the line. What you’re missing: You sculpt the front of your mane with the scrutiny of a tax man, but the head hair you can’t see could cost you: three-fifths of women say wayward fuzz sours desire. Why she notices Sloppy neck hair can make you look dishevelled, says stylist Michael Moreno.

Groom to improve. Define your neck hairline with a five-minute DIY clip job once a week. Remove the guard on a pair of hair clippers and lift the hair at the base of your hairline with one hand so that the roots of the regular locks are protected by your index finger. Keep the blade head horizontal to your neck and work from the bottom up. Don’t buzz on faith; check your progress with a hand mirror.

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Dig deeper. What you’re missing: A third of women say men don’t care enough about their complexions. Why she notices “A man’s pores are about 25 percent bigger than a woman’s,” says dermatologist Dr Kenneth Beer.

That means bigger blackheads can form on your nose. Groom to improve The plug’s black colour isn’t dirt; it’s the oxidative response of the oil in the clogged pore interacting with air. A daily wash is not enough to evict the more subtle squatters. “Bar soap won’t cut it,” says Dr Beer. “Instead, pair a daily salicylic acid-based cleanser to exfoliate the skin with a weekly clay mask to purge impurities.”


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Even out the edges. What you’re missing: Unevenly bleached teeth are a bigger turn-off than an off-white shade that’s uniform across your smile, said women.

Why she notices. Even really minor deviations in colour can amplify the contrast between the shades. Groom to improve For the ultimate in perfectly consistent white teeth, you need to remember one thing – coverage. Fixed trays don’t adequately cover your teeth as they miss the hard-to-reach crevices in between. Rather choose an at-home whitening kit with custom mouldable trays, which will help evenly distribute the bleaching chemicals for consistent and thorough coverage.

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Tame your tongue. What you’re missing: Even mildly stinky breath can be a deal-breaker for more than half of women.Why she notices You think a Tic Tac will suffice, but her nose knows better: some research has indicated that women can be more sensitive to scents than men are, so they may be more likely to detect even subtle mouth odours.

Attack the tongue. “Most people don’t think about their tongue,” says dentist Dr Kevin Sands, “but it harbours bacteria.” Brushing your tongue will remove 40 percent of the offending volatile sulphur compounds, according to Brazilian researchers, but better yet, use a tongue scraper and you’ll remove up to 75 percent of the bad guys.

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