4 Shaving Techniques Every Man Should Know
Put less stress on your skin with these shaving techniques.

November 1, 2018

Do you ever find yourself torn between letting your beard grow or shaving it all off? Good news, there are other options besides being a lumberjack or looking like a babyfaced teen. Follow these tips for perfect facial hair and grooming every time.


The best time for 
a close shave is with 
your morning shower, or immediately afterwards, says Shana Giessing from Men’s Executive Grooming. “Prep with a pre-shave oil, it’ll soften the skin and help expose more of the hair follicle.” Shave in short strokes in the same direction that your hair grows and rinse with cold water. 
If you’re prone to ingrown hairs or have sensitive skin, use a disposable razor. It’s essential to utilise a good fragrance-free shave balm to soothe your skin, followed 
by a hydrating moisturiser and good sun protection factor.

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Prep and shave the areas around your upper lip the way you would for a clean shave, says Yogi Gozan at Yogi’s Barber Shop in Cape Town. If you have a thin upper lip, a large moustache will give the illusion of fuller, more balanced lips. If you have fuller lips, a medium, divided moustache works best. Use a transparent shave oil to shave around your mo’ says Gozan – both will improve the accuracy of your shaving skills. Once a week, trim any unruly moustache hair. We strongly suggest investing in a beard and moustache trimmer.


The secret to the perfect five o’clock shadow is an adjustable beard or hair trimmer, says Barnet Fair regional manager, Jodi Black. Think of your stubble as part of your whole look, she adds. To trim your facial hair, make multiple passes for consistency. Shave or trim any 
hair that grows 
below the top of your Adam’s apple using 
a razor, or a trimmer without a guard. If your stubble grows high up on your cheeks, shave the hair just below your cheekbone parallel 
to your jawline. Use 
a trimmer with an adjustable comb to clean it up.

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The trends for beards are a lot longer than usual, but still very neat and shaped, says Delin Naude, Creative Director at Palladium Hair. Using a trimmer with a No. 1 guard, taper the hair on your neck – starting just above your Adam’s apple. Trim near the top of your cheeks creating a line parallel to your jaw line. Lastly, comb down your moustache and trim hairs that fall below your lip line using scissors. Shampoo and 
condition your 
beard every other day, just like your 
hair and use a beard oil daily to keep it soft and strokable.

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