4 Tips From The Guy Who Started WordPress
Mat Mullenweg founder of Wordpress gives us his 4 ultimate business tips

April 1, 2014

Matt Mullenweg

Build Wealth By Sharing The Load
In the early days of WordPress, I didn’t delegate. I worked all day and night. But then I met guys like Om Malik (an early WordPress user) and Toni Schneider (a software engineer) and realised
that I wanted to grow the company together with them. You create a bottleneck if you don’t share the reins.

Pull People In
With any project, I ask, “How can we make this experience different or better than anything else out there?” Let’s not copy what someone else did but rather look to create things we believe in, talk to our users, and find out what’s going to make that experience magical.

Keep Your Momentum
I often have my best ideas when I’m at the opera or a museum. I carry a notebook and scribble thoughts. I’ll be focused on the music or a painting, but my subconscious kicks in and activates a part of my brain that’s usually dormant. You can’t be great at your work if you’re not balanced in the rest of your life. That goes double for sleep – no guy in his 20s gets enough.

Buy Time
With my first windfall, I looked at pain points I could alleviate. I travelled more comfortably and made fewer connections. I’m also always upgrading gadgets. It’s like tweaking a Formula 1 car: I want every ounce of performance because I spend so much time on the computer.