Fill Your Fridge With These 5 Metabolism Boosters
Your transformation starts in your fridge.

July 5, 2018

Help your metabolism help you by making sure you stock enough of these better-body foods:

1. Rotisserie Chicken


You already love it, right? Go ahead: it’s ready-to-eat, high-quality protein. Pair it with a vegetable if you’re ever in a pinch for a meal.

2. Pre-cut Vegetables


Supermarkets these days make preparation a snap. From diced peppers and onions to shredded brussels sprouts, you can find any vegetable ready to toss into a roasting pan or skillet.

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3. Plain Greek Yoghurt, or Kefir


It’s time to give these immigrants a home in your fridge. Plain Greek yoghurt offers twice the protein of traditional yoghurt and about the same number of carbs, making it a great snack or starting point for breakfast. Kefir is a fermented milk product that falls between cream and yoghurt. The plain version contains almost a 1:1 ratio of protein to carbohydrates and has enough probiotics to keep your digestive tract happy.

4. Smoked Salmon


Okay, you weren’t expecting this. That’s part of what makes it great. It’s ready to eat, carb-free and full of satiating protein and fat. Having smoked salmon in the middle of the day will quickly change your concept of “diet food” snacks.

5. Cheese Sticks

Portable protein, properly portioned. Whether they’re string cheese (mozzarella) or Swiss, these should always be in your fridge. Pair them with a small piece of fruit for a snack, or chop ’em up and toss them on a salad with some rotisserie chicken to round out a fat-burning meal.

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