Gym Bag Essentials
After your workout grab these grooming products from your gym bag to soothe your skin and hydrate your hair.

November 20, 2013

gym bag grooming

Hair and body wash
Adidas Hair & Body 3 Active Start Shower Gel & Shampoo 250ml R27 Dis-Chem
Two in one cleansers are convenient, so simplify your routine after an intense workout. Plus, it’s enriched with Pro-Vitamin B, and it sure beats the brake fluid they put into the soap dispensers down at your local gym.

Face wash
Clarins Men Exfoliating 2 in 1 Cleanser 125ml R260 Edgars
Body soap isn’t mean for your face. The deep-cleansing micro-beads in this product smooth out into a silky mousse that removes sweat and excess oil on your skin.

Body relief
Jack Black Dragon Ice Relief & Recovery Balm 118ml R280 Metropolitan Cosmetics Rub a dab of this balm onto your sore spots. Its willow herb can ease inflammation and the menthol warms up to relieve muscle and joint pain.

Cooling shave cream
Nivea for Men Cool Kick shaving gel 200ml R57 Clicks
A decent shave is often the first grooming casualty. A cooling shave gel formula with mint extracts, ISO-Magnesium and Vitamin Care for an extra invigorating shave.  A great, no-fuss shaving product.

Light styling wax
The Body Shop Bees Wax 50ml R90 The Body Shop
Adding a heavy gel or slick pomade to your wet, post-workout hair only weighs it down. Keep it look natural with a lightweight texturising wax.

Strong antiperspirant
Garnier Men Mineral X-Treme Ice 50ml R16 Clicks
Garnier Mineral deodorant is a 72-hour antiperspirant with mineralite – which lets skin breathe and dries quickly – what more do you want from your antiperspirant?

Five Gym Ready Steps to Better Skin

Hang loose

Heat and tight clothing work together to increase sebum production and clog your pores, so wear loose workout clothes in breathable fabrics

 Keep it clean

They may smell okay, but unwashed gym clothes rub yesterday’s sweat and oil against your skin says Dr Dagmar Whitaker a Cape Town-based dermatologist. This can block your pores and lead to acne on your chest and back. Do your laundry, dude.

Make it quick

Long hot showers may feel great, but Whitaker says they also dry out your skin. Limit your showers to warm (not hot water) and keep the length to less than five minutes. Get into the habit of using a moisturiser after you shower.

Bring your own

Gyms breed bacteria, the main cause of breakouts. Rather than use a soap that’s been handled by dozens of other sweaty men, Whitaker suggests bringing your own antibacterial liquid soap.

Layer on lotion

Hands, elbows and heels are prone to dryness in cold sweaty weather, so layer on a body cream after your shower.


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