5 Inspirational Videos To Get You Off The Couch
These will get you up and moving!

August 24, 2016

Frank Medrano’s Superhuman Workout

Frank Medrano is a calisthenics phenomenon with some truly impressive bodyweight exercise skills. Watch and learn.

Joshua Rucker’s Wheel Chair Pull Ups

If this guy doesn’t make excuses then you certainly can’t.

Ido Portal’s Movement

Ido Portal’s movement philosophy is worth a look.

The Men’s Health Super Step Up Workout

A really simple set of movements that ticks all the boxes; burning fat, building muscle and improve your overall functional fitness. Check it out and do it three times a week.

Welcome To Gym Jones

It’s always good to get a look inside the minds of the truly obsessed. The guys at Gym Jones are hardcore. You may not be there yet but they’re worth watching.