5 Lessons in Manliness from James Bond
Class Is In Session With Mr 007

October 19, 2015

As the new James Bond movie premieres on the 27th November, it’s okay to admit that you’ve thought about how cool it would be to spend a day in the shoes of 007 himself, “Bond, James Bond”.

The adventure, cars, beautiful women and who would not revel in sporting a wrist-mounted dart gun?

Since the first Bond movie, ‘Dr. No’ in 1962 with Sean Connery through to Daniel Craig; the bond legacy has definitely produced some cool gadgets.

However there is something else that attracts women and dare I say, men to Mr Bond. Besides the lavish lifestyle and beautiful women, it is his strength, self-control (not when it comes to women), charm and confidence coupled with a bit of brute force.

Now you might not be able to drive the Aston Martin DB-10 or bag Monica Belucci but here are a few lessons that our favourite super-spy can teach you.

Class is in session with Mr 007:

Finish what you’ve started

JB(James Bond) is a man that will complete the mission, whatever it may be. Anyone can start something but very few can finish it. James Bond is the perfect example of someone who displays determination and shows that it is not optional but rather required.

“How one starts the race isn’t nearly as important as how one finishes. When things get hard and go wrong, it doesn’t cause them to throw in the towel, it only pushes them harder.”

Dominate Technology

Take note of the above words; in particular ‘dominate’ as you should not become its slave. JB is a man that keeps up with the times and is a master of the latest in tech and gadgets. You will not see 007 spend hour’s foolishly texting away each day or wearing those Bluetooth headsets.

Instead he uses technology when he needs it and ditches it when he does not, strive to always be present wherever you may be and do not get side-tracked by your gadgets.

“In doing so, it takes a place in our life that it has no business taking. Bond is the type of man that keeps tech in its proper place- a place of servitude.”

Know Your Enemy

Yes you’re not a super-spy with a long list of enemies gunning for your demise like Le Chiffre, Mr Big, Jaws of Raoul Sliva, but your worst enemy could have more to do with yourself. Like any good practitioner of war, Bond never goes into a battle without knowing the finer details of his enemy.

Sometimes, the enemy is pretty obvious while other times it could be hidden by ulterior motives. Whether it’s a business rival or character weaknesses like a, flaw or addiction, knowledge is key in order for victory.

Dress To Kill

The first and easiest step to being like Bond is dressing like him, we know he rocks Tom Ford but you do not need to break the bank; but you could try out Spaghetti Mafia or Topman and invest in a one tailored suit that will last.

You might be saying, “But I’m a man, only women care about how they dress.” To you Bond would reply, “You’re an idiot, kind sir,” as he walks off with your girlfriend. How a man dresses says something about him and when you dress well, it ooze’s and inspires confidence.

Stay Cool

Can you recall the segment in the last 007 movie, Skyfall, where everything was going sideways and Bond cracked due to the intense pressure of the mission? That’s right, me neither as he has never shown any sweat; as he remains cool in the face of pressure.

Life is tough for everyone but you need to get over it as “Great men have the inner fortitude to handle themselves with confidence and self-control even when the world around them is crumbling.”

Whether you’re facing the “Man with the Golden Gun” or a daunting task at work and apart from hitting the gym and playing sports it is a great way to learn how to handle stress and prepare for battle.

Sources: artofmanliness.com

Alice Paulse