5 Reasons To Fight With Flower Power
Are fresh flowers acceptable masculine household accessories?

May 16, 2012

Are fresh flowers acceptable masculine household accessories?


Check out these tips for suitable flora so you don’t end up looking like a pansy

Get fresh

A Harvard study revealed that fresh-cut flowers in the home increase feelings of compassion and kindness for others. Just what you’re after when you bring a lady home.

Send the right message

Flowers will give an immediate lift to your place, a fresh scent and some personality. When it comes to girls the benefits are threefold. Flowers say A) you made an effort, B) you care about the environment you live in and C) it will draw her eye away from that pile of laundry.

Local is lekker

Indigenous options, like proteas or strelitzias, get first choice. They’re bright and masculine-looking and last longer than other varieties. Avoid roses. It looks like you’re trying too hard.

Stick to simple and seasonal flowers

As a rule, go for neutral colours and simple arrangements unless you want to highlight a colour in a room. Seasonal flowers to look out for: winter – tulips; autumn – hibiscus; summer – sweet pea/jasmine; spring – daffodil.

Get some jugs

Invest in a simple vase. No, a beer mug won’t do. But you don’t need crystal either. Get something plain that can be used for most fuss-free bunches.