5 Steps to the Perfect Handshake
Tweak your grip to boost your odds of success

June 27, 2016

Don’t shake this off: Hiring managers view job candidates with a firm handshake as more outgoing and capable than those with a weak grip, finds a study from the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Fair or not, a firm handshake indicates self-confidence and extroversion, the authors say.

Boost your odds of scoring a job by perfecting your handshake. These techniques will do the trick, according to research from the University of Glasgow and Psychological Science.

1. Hook Them With ‘Hello’

Before you even extend your hand, offer a polite ‘hello.’ Stress the first syllable instead of speaking in monotone, which people perceive as untrustworthy.

2. Start Early

When you’re 6 feet away, hold out your hand and tilt your fingers down.

3. Go In For the Kill

Step forward with a confident handshake. scooping your palm into the other person’s palm.