6 Moves That Melt Fat. Forever.
Fire up your heart and watch fat melt away with this MMA cardio routine

November 23, 2017

pull up

Prepare to blast kilojoules and build fight-finishing fitness with a cardio blitz that switches between your upper and lower body. It’s 6 moves, 60 seconds work and 20 seconds rest. Do 5 circuits in total.

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Ground and pound

Straddle a punchbag with a knee either side. Now kill it. Throw punches and elbows at will. Swing both legs over to one side if you want to change things up.

2Treadmill sprint

Set a treadmill to 15km/h and a 10% incline and stand on the side while it speeds up. Use the hand rails to lower yourself onto the belt and sprint for 60 seconds. Be careful with getting on and off the treadmill,  you don’t want to end up on one of those fail clips on YouTube.


Do as many reps as you can, but squeeze your shoulder blades together on the way up, rather than yanking with your arms, and lower yourself slowly.

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Ball slam

Hold a medicine ball in both hands. Squat slightly then leap upwards, swinging the ball above your head. Smash the ball straight down in front of you.

5Double under

Skip for 60 seconds and if you can, swing the rope twice for every jump. Try to jump as the rope hits the floor in front of you, then flick it round a second time.

6Rowing machine

Go all out for 60 seconds, but don’t just blast away. Lean right forwards to get as much pull as possible, then use your legs to return; pull only at the end of the stroke. Keep as upright as possible.

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