6 Things You Should Have Bedside in Your ‘Sex Drawer’
Don’t be caught unprepared

February 15, 2016

Every woman has one. Every man should, too.

We’re talking about a sex drawer. More guys are taking a page out of the ladies’ sex playbook and stocking their nightstand with naughty necessities.

“There are so many new products out there, with innovations focused on male pleasure,” says Robin Jennings, the national buying and merchandising manager for The Pleasure Chest, a chain of sex boutiques.

“Even staples like condoms and lubricants have seen advances, beyond the staples commonly bought just 10 years ago,” she adds.

Here are six essentials—some sexy, some just plain considerate—you should add to your bedside drawer tonight.

1. A Variety of Condoms

Guys often put more thought into their razors than their condoms.

Sure, you want a condom that prevents pregnancy and STDs. But that’s like picking a razor just because the label says, “Proven to cut hair.”

The perfect condom for you just might be the one you haven’t tried yet.

Jennings suggests picking up a variety pack, with several different types of textures, flavours, and thicknesses.

It’s important to have both latex and non-latex condoms.

“Some women are allergic to latex and others have a latex sensitivity,” Jennings says. “We recommend Okamoto condoms for those with latex sensitivity.”

2. Altoids

This little breath mint’s usage in the boudoir is twofold.

One, it refreshes your breath for kissing.

And two, if she pops one in her mouth before giving you oral, let’s just say the sensation is extra tingly.

Anton, 41, describes the experience as “shocking, unexpected, and very cool.” He compared it with the feeling of an Icy Hot patch (on a less sensitive part of your body), but without the burn. Just the tingles.

3. Lubrication

While it’s likely a woman has lube in her sex drawer, the chances that she packed it in her purse are slim.

Find something at a sex store that’s sexier and a little more fun than, say, your regular K-Y Jelly. It’s the best-looking lube for your nightstand. The glass bottle is very chic, and it’s a great massage oil and lubricant for both anal and vaginal sex.

When in doubt, try a sampling of lubes. Most sex stores sell one-time-use “pillow packets” of lubes—flavoured and unflavoured—for less than $2.

If wetness is an issue, don’t be embarrassed to reach for the bottle. If it’s needed, just put it on like you would grab for a condom when it’s time.

4. Blow Job Spray

Has your wife or girlfriend ever had dry mouth while going down on you? It’s not fun, nor is it easy to talk to her about.

“Make the spray about her enjoyment, not yours,” suggests Emily Morse, a sexologist and host of the Sex With Emily podcast.

“You don’t want her to feel like her blowjob sucks,” Morse advises. “So say to her, ‘I bought this new spray that makes blowjobs taste like strawberries. Try it, I think you’ll like it.’ ”

5. Baby Wipes and a Towel

The least your girl should expect after a roll in the sack is to not have to make a mad dash for the bathroom to clean up.

“Stock a few individually-wrapped wet baby wipes and a small dry washcloth in your drawer,” suggests Savoy

Why the dry washcloth? Because no self-respecting woman is going to be okay sleeping in a wet spot.

6. A Little Kink

When she’s ready to try something different, will you be taken by surprise? Or will your bedside drawer have exactly what you need to help turn her (and your) fantasy into a reality?

Sex kits have everything you need for a variety of interests, ranging from anal to blowjobs to bondage.

“It’s a great way to introduce your partner to something new that you can enjoy together without investing too much,” says Jennings.