How To Keep Fit And Tick Off Your Bucket List At The Same Time
Combine your passport pleasure with your training goals – there’s plenty to choose from.

February 15, 2018

Instead of kicking back on the beach and overindulging on the buffet, max out your adrenaline, endorphins and fitness gains, while traveling the world.

Sign Up For The Crocodile Trophy MTB Stage Race

It’s the world’s oldest mountain bike stage race and takes place place in tropical North Queensland, Australia. From the jungle in Cairns, to the unique Outback, and finishing on the breathtakingly beautiful Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas, you’ll ride approximately 600km and climb 12,000m over eight days. 13 – 20 October.

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Book A Surfing Expedition

The Maldives, Nicaragua, Peru, Costa Rica or Indonesia.  Great weather and long surfing sessions means you won’t only be chilling on the beach. But you’ll do plenty of that too.

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Run The Inca Trail Marathon To Machu Picchu 

Leave the hike to overweight tourists and test yourself with the so-called “most difficult marathon in the world”. There’s a vertical altitude gain of over 3 000m, so you may not set a new PB this time round. But you will be rewarded with one-in-a-lifetime scenery. 1 June and 3 August.

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 Contact A Specialised Adventure Travel Agent

Use Adventure Fit Travel to arrange bespoke trips to places like Bali, California and Everest Base Camp, and they’re packaged with training classes, expert fitness workshops and unique races.

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Attempt Any Race In The Racing The Planet Series

Made up of four desert races (Atacama Crossing, Gobi March, Sahara Race, The Last Desert: Antarctica), this is the best way to see unforgettable countryside vistas.

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Go White-Water Rafting On The Zambezi

In between the rapids, you’ll do plenty of core-improving paddlework over three days. You’ll go through more than 40 rapids, and you’ll paddle roughly 50km over the three days.