7 Ways You Can Beat Stress And Stay On Top With Sex (And Life)
Beat stress with sex. Find out how to maximize your sex life while reducing your stress.

October 13, 2016

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Don’t let stress wean you from your sex life. Beat stress while staying on top of your game (and her if you’re a missionary man) by taking note of these bulletins.

How Gnawing Worry Shortens Your Life

Keep calm and carry on for a longer life: chronic stress can raise your odds of having a stroke in the next decade, according to new research from the University of Minnesota. For every single-point increase in test scores measuring stress levels, study participants’ risk of stroke jumped 19%. The authors speculate that the body’s reaction to chronic stress may send inflammatory responses into overdrive, possibly impeding blood flow to the brain. Check out Jedi Mind Trick (right) for some useful chill-out strategies.

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How Plastic Zaps Her Sex Drive

Chemical romance? Forget it. Substances in household items may lower her libido, a University of Rochester study reports. Women with the most exposure to additives called phthalates were up to 2.6 times as likely to report low libido as those with the least. These chemicals in plastics may interfere with production of testosterone and oestrogen. Look for “DEHP free” or “phthalate free” on labels and buy fresh foods, which are less likely to have picked up phthalates from packaging.

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Tame The Email Beast

Don’t be a “dingbat”! Constantly checking your inbox could make you a basket case. In a Canadian study, people reported feeling less stress when they looked at their work email only about five times a day rather than having free rein all day long. Set times to manage your inbox — say, 10 minutes at the top of each hour — and switch off your notifications the rest of the day. And keep your work and personal email separate. Combining the two can lead to multitasking, which is also linked to high stress levels, says study author Kostadin Kushlev.

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Banish Stress in 60 Seconds

Set a timer for a minute, close your eyes and focus on breathing deeply and on observing your thoughts, says Dr Michael Irwin, a professor of psychiatry at UCLA. In 15 Minutes Stretch while seated: lean forwards, back and to each side, and stretch your arms above your head. Hold each pose for six slow breaths, then sit and breathe deeply with your eyes closed. In 30 Minutes Hit the gym. Half an hour of exercise can reduce anxiety and may help you handle future stressors.

Don’t Tap It Too Much

Your smartphone, that is: new research from Pennsylvania State and Brigham Young Universities in the US suggests that paying too much attention to digital devices can hurt your relationship. Using phones and tablets during conversations, dinner and leisure time (“technoference”) correlated with lower satisfaction in women. This behaviour conveys that your device matters more than the other person, says study author Brandon McDaniel.

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Your Soft Side May Be Making You Fat

You’re a supportive guy, sure, but your empathy may mean you’re taking on too much emotional baggage. In a German study, 40% of people who saw their partners in trying situations experienced a spike in cortisol, a stress hormone. This “empathetic stress” triggers a fight-or-flight response and the resulting deluge of cortisol can raise your risk of heart disease, insomnia and weight gain. A healthier move: provide positive support without getting angry or upset on her behalf.

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Hobbies Can Be Hot

A paintbrush as a sex toy? For a recent report in the Journal of Creative Behaviour, researchers asked women to rate the sexual attractiveness of various activities. Playing sports finished on top because it indicates fitness, notes lead researcher Dr Scott Barry Kaufman.

  1. Playing Sport
  2. Recording Music
  3. Writing Music
  4. Performing In A Band
  5. Taking Artistic Photos
  6. Performing Comedy
  7. Dressing Uniquely
  8. Wwriting Poetry
  9. Inventing Recipies
  10. Drawing And Painting
  11. Writing Short Stories
  12. Acting In A Play
  13. Magazine Writing
  14. Renovating Antiques
  15. Being In An Orchestra
  16. Event Planning
  17. Directing Short Films
  18. Gardening
  19. Building Websites
  20. Interior Decorating
  21. Creating Ad Campaigns
  22. Making Clothes