8 Rules Of Dressing Slimmer
Follows these eight rules...

June 25, 2011

Follows these eight rules…

RULE 1 Hide big problems with small patterns
Knits with small, textured patterns and dress shirts with fine, subtle designs draw the eye in, focusing it away from the larger problem.

RULE 2 Strip down with pinstripes
Most suits are naturally slimming, because the monochromatic colour and texture create an unbroken vertical line from neck to toe. Pinstripes do the job even more efficiently.

RULE 3 Untuck and cover
Any shirt that can be worn untucked helps hide heft. Important caveat: the shirt must be flat-bottomed.

RULE 4 Punt the pleats
Pleated pants only add more material to your waist. Flat-front pants show off a thin waist and help disguise a heftier one.

RULE 5 Bring the buttons lower
Choose one- or two-button jackets, which reveal a deeper triangle of shirt above the top button, calling attention away from your stomach. .

RULE 6 Get fitted for fitness
Don’t make the mistake of thinking that baggy clothes will hide any flaws – often, they accentuate them. When your clothes are form fitting, your form looks more fitting.

RULE 7 Turn down the contrast
A dark shirt worn with khaki pants cuts you in half at the waist, making you look shorter and wider. The same shirt with dark-grey slacks de-emphasises your waistline and boosts your altitude a bit.

RULE 8 Say goodbye to your old crew