A Promotion Requires Hard Work, Dedication and a Cheesy Song. Grab a Mic
Being the first man to take the mic can actually be a smart social move.

September 21, 2016

When post-work drinks look like they’re turning into pre-dawn karaoke renditions of Eye of the Tiger, you might be forgiven for cutting your losses and making a tactical exit. But being prudish is not the same as prudence. In fact, being the first man to take the mic can actually be a smart social move.

New research from the University of Oxford found that singing helps people bond faster than any other group activity. According to psychologist Dr Eiluned Pearce, singing from the same hymn sheet helps us to “build social cohesion when there isn’t time to establish one-to-one connections in a group.”

Which means a duet with your line manager could be the best way to perfectly pitch a decent pay raise. It has also been suggested that singing can deliver many of the same meditative benefits as yoga, though we suspect this depends on the track chosen. For maximum networking effect, it’s best to opt for one you can sing in a low octave: deeper, more measured voices are linked to authoritativeness and superior leadership potential.

Got your promotion on lock? Now it’s time to learn how to seduce her with song. It’s easier than you think.

For you, that means Johnny Cash is in, while Aerosmith should remain firmly in the “Where are they now?” file. But then, you knew that already, didn’t you?