A Vending Machine With A Difference
A Full-Service Sex Toy Vending Machine

October 20, 2015

It’s the end of your night and you’ve met someone special, so do you rely on your natural charm and prowess or, do you tend to invest in a little insurance?

You’re headed back to your place and you are not sure whether you have condoms or lube, not so long ago you could have taken a condom from one of those mechanical dispensers in the bar restroom.

You probably should not be doing that, but relax as your options could become a little more diverse.

Just when you thought things could not get any more advanced in a weird way, sex toy vending machines such as PinkBox promises to make buying condoms and sex toys easy.

You can purchase high-end products instantly- like Lelo vibrators, Kimono condoms and FetishFantasy gear.

The machine will accept both cash and credit cards, the Pink Box’s Chief Communications Officer, Timaree Schmit said that “some people don’t like to be seen walking into brick-and-mortar sex stores. Others don’t like waiting for shipping. The contents of each machine will vary depending on where it’s actually located—could be a bar and what’s selling”.

Naturally some people would not be over the moon, with this idea; however the company ensures that these vending machines will not be placed on every street corner but rather in nightclubs and bars.

Do not jump for joy yet, as this product is only available in Philadelphia, U.S for now and it might be a while before it reaches our shores but we thought you should be aware of this crazy but innovative idea.

What are your thoughts on this new style of vending machine? Kinky, weird or innovative?

Alice Paulse