Upgrade Your Daily Commute With These 11 Apps
Don't know how to fill your time on your commute? Download these apps. They'll either leave you inspired or give your brain a rest.

July 26, 2022

man listening to music on train

Many of us are back in the office, which means in-person meetings, coffee runs and, yes, the return of the dreaded commute. Whether you’re jumping in the wagon, taking the bus or catching the train, you already know that this daily back-and-forth can turn tedious within minutes.

However, there’s little reason to surrender to boredom (and un-productivity). In your pocket, you’ve got a device that—with the right apps—can turn those wasted minutes into hours of entertainment, learning and tranquility. So, to give you an escape next time you’re sitting bumper to bumper, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite on-the-move apps for both Android and iOS.


image of apps you can listen to on your commute

Over the past few years, podcasts have become increasingly popular. Whether you’re a true crime junkie or enjoy keeping up to date with pop culture – there is always something to listen to. Some podcasts, like the TED Talks are inspiring, others like Ben Greenfield Fitness or Artificial Intelligence are informative. Either way, they all offer great listening experiences that will provide you with new insight.

My favourite app to use is (1) Podcast Addict, but it’s only available on Android. If you’re an iOS user choose between (2) Overcast or (3) Downcast. Downcast is particularly great because it comes with a car mode that makes it easier for you to switch between episodes while behind the wheel, without you accidentally bumping the car ahead.

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Live close to where you work? Learn more about the city while you walk with (4) VoiceMap. The app contains walking tours produced by different locals. Get to know your area from their perspective.


apps you can speak to on your commute

When inspiration hits you, you typically want to write down notes before you forget. That can be a bit tricky when driving. For moments like this download (5) Otter Voice Notes.  It allows you to record voice notes for you to listen to later. It also provides a transcription service which transcribes your voice notes for you.


image of apps you can watch on your commute

If you prefer your daily dose of inspiration in the form of a video, download the (6) TED app. The app contains Ted talks across different fields of interest. Be inspired by innovation and keep up to date with emerging trends from thought leaders across the globe. Perfect for anyone who constantly likes to learn more.

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Alternatively, watch a documentary on (7) Netflix, or even binge watch your favourite show. If you like to keep things local then (8) Showmax would be better suited to you. All these apps allow you to download episodes while you’re in a WiFi zone, and then watch them on your commute.


apps you can read on your commute

Do you constantly stumble upon great, long reads while quickly browsing the internet at work? Save these stories to the (9) Pocket app. You can do so by adding the Pocket extension to your browser. Stories you save with this extension will show up in the app on your mobile device. The app allows you to tag stories making them easier to find later. It also sends you suggestions based on your preferences. Your next great read is just around the corner.

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To catch up on news from around the globe download the (10) News24 app. The app sends you notifications when a breaking story is published. From human interest, to politics and sport – you’ll stay up to date.

If you prefer to read fiction on the train but don’t want to lug your kindle along, download the (11) Kindle app to your phone. All your saved books will show up on your phone making it easier for you to continue reading on the go.