Are You A 
Money Cheat?
Are you committing financial infidelity? Answer the questions to find out.

October 10, 2014

Are You A 
Money Cheat?

If you answer 
“yes” to more 
than three of the questions below, you’re committing financial infidelity.

1. Do you often fight about money?
2. Do you ever lie about 
the amount you spent on an item?
3. Do you buy things 
in secret?
4. Do you have a 
secret stash of cash 
or a credit card your partner doesn’t know about?
5. Do you buy gifts for others without telling your partner?
6. Did you grow up 
in a home where your parents fought about money?
7. Do you fail to stick 
to budgets?
8. Are you in debt, but avoiding discussing it?
9. Would you end a relationship because of money issues?