How This Man Biked The Weight Off And Dodged An Early Death
Darren Nathan's story is one as old as time: life got busy so he picked up weight. Jumping on his mountain bike helped him shed the kilos.

May 26, 2011

man who lost weight by cycling shows his transformation

Darren Nathan, 38 dodged an early death by jumping on his mountain bike…

Weight Before: 135

Weight After: 98

Occupation: Director

Height: 1.67m

Time To Goal: 18 months

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The Gain: Before I turned 23, I used to compete nationally and internationally in karate and I was in in great shape. I used to train and teach five to six days a week. When I decided to go into business and get married, I stopped training and caring what – or how much – I ate. The kilos piled on and before I knew it I was 36 years old and 40 kilos overweight. My health and whole life was suffering. I’d recently lost my mom, a personal trainer, spinning instructor and fitness fanatic, to cancer. I knew she wouldn’t be happy with me carrying on this way.

The Change: I went to the doctor and was told that my cholesterol and blood pressure were high. That was enough to make me realise that if I wanted to see my children get married and have their own children, I had to do something about my health immediately.

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The Strategy: My good friend and business partner and his wife dared me to enter a 12km road ride in aid of charity. I entered and finished the ride feeling like I was going to drop dead. From that day on, I got a training programme, joined a cycling club, started eating healthily and set myself some goals. The group of guys who I began cycling with were much stronger than me and, every weekend, I struggled to keep up with them, even vomiting at times. I’m proud to day that today, most of these guys can’t keep up with me and I’ve moved on to much stronger riding groups. I have completed two tough MTB stage races and two 100km road races. Today I feel fit and healthy, my cholesterol is low and my sugar levels are perfect. My blood pressure is fantastic and I can boast about having a resting heart rate of 52 beats per minute.

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The Reward: I can ride and enter races with my two boys. I was able to clear out my wardrobe and donate all my old clothes to charity. I have never been so fit and healthy!

The Result: In just 18 months I lost 37 kilos and dropped from a size 44 to a 36.