Breaking Down The Stereotype
Surprise: Women Want Sex Just As Much As Men

September 21, 2015

Women’s sexual desires may be different from what you imagine.

There are many stereotypes about women and sex and some of them are true but this recent study has found that the majority of them are just wrong.

With men believing that women do not want sex as much as they do, or the fact that women need an emotional connection to enjoy sex and women don’t have multiple orgasms.

However, according to a recent study conducted by a fertility app called Kindara, these stereotypes are in correct.

500 women were asked questions pertaining to the common sex stereotypes that are thrown around; such as the emotional connection and factors that could impede a women’ sex life and how often are they intimate involved.

Surprisingly, the survey found that 53.2 percent of women were not intimate as often as they would like to be.

Three quarters of the participants said they would like to engage in sexual activity more than three times per week. 13 percent of the participants reported that they would want sex more than six times per week.

The Land of the O

Many women reported being able to orgasm more than once per sexual encounter. “About 72 percent of women reported reaching orgasm at least once during every sex act, and 10.2 percent of all women said they reach orgasm multiple times.”

Kindara believes that over the past 20 years the equality gap in terms of sexual desire is definitely lessening.

As compared to the findings that a 1994 study yielded, 75 percent of men and 29 percent of women always have orgasms with their partner.

Do keep in mind that sometimes things do not go according to plan and that could be the reason she turned you down however factors like ‘stress was considered the primary culprit of low female libido, followed by being out of sync with a partner, not being in the mood, and struggling with self-image.’

Although, one stereotype does hold water: 53 percent of women agreed that an emotional connection was the most important part of good sex, followed by foreplay and communication.

This clearly showcases the ever-evolving landscape of women’s sexuality, by breaking down traditional views. One take away after reading, if it ain’t obvious; is that women want more sex.

Sources: Medical Daily, Kindara

Alice Paulse