Buy Shoes That Fit
Neil Doveton, Men’s Health Fashion Director, tells you how

August 26, 2011

Time Your Visit

Try on shoes in the afternoon. Your feet swell slightly during the day because walking increases blood flow down there, and you need to be sure your shoes fit your expanded feet. If you must shop in the morning, don’t buy shoes that are snug.

Check the Feel

Look for three key indicators of a good fit. First, your toes should lie flat in the shoe. Second, the ball of your foot – where your toes meet your foot – should sit comfortably at the shoe’s widest point. Finally, your heels should slip slightly as you walk. (Too tight and you’ll blister.) If you’re clenching your toes to keep the shoe on, it doesn’t fit.

Take a Real Walk

Persuade the salesperson to let you take a two-to three-minute stroll on a surface other than the plush carpeting of the store. Creasing along the ball of the foot is normal. Creasing along the toes means your foot is too far forwards and you need more length.