Can You Make Her Orgasm By Fondling Her Breasts?
Making a female come can sometimes be a difficult task. Find out how to do it by fondling her breasts

October 28, 2016

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We’re Having A Son. Circumcise Or Not? – Clint

The evidence continues to grow that less foreskin may indeed be better. Most recently, a study in the journal Cancer linked early circumcision to a 15% lower risk of prostate cancer. Researchers believe that inflammation associated with STDs is a key factor in some cases of prostate cancer, and circumcision eliminates a space that can serve as a protective environment for bacteria and other agents that can cause those diseases, says study author Dr Jonathan Wright. Previous research has shown that circumcision can also reduce risks of HPV, HIV and penile cancer and can decrease the risk of HPV transmission to partners. Despite all this evidence, infant circumcision rates dropped from 63% in 1998 to 56% in 2008, according to the US National Hospital Discharge Survey. While there are benefits, the personal or religious nature of the decision should also factor into your decision making. The evidence is for it, but evidence isn’t everything. If you opt for circumcision, a word of advice: do the little guy a favour and demand local anaesthesia.

I Can’t Dance. Help Me Before I Hurt Someone! – Shainal

First, learn a basic move so you don’t have to concentrate on your own feet. Yuriy Datsyk, director of the Fred Astaire Midtown Dance Studio in New York City, recommends the box step. It works whether you’re dancing with a partner at a wedding or grooving at a club: step forward with your left foot and then bring your right foot forward and to the right. Move your left foot next to the right. Now step back with your right foot, then back and to the left with your left foot. Bring your right next to the left. If you’re solo, let your body’s natural movement dictate the swing of your arms. If you’re dancing with someone, hold her with your right arm at her left shoulder blade level – this creates an intimate common space for the two of you. Join your left hand with her right hand at chest level. Now focus on your partner, not yourself. “Your job is to showcase her – you are her foil,” says Datsyk. That also means protecting her from collisions.

Are All Salad Greens Nutritional Zeros? Oscar

Steer clear of the iceberg. The deeper the colour of your greens, the more phytonutrients and antioxidants they contain, says Susan Bowerman, an assistant director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition. “Stronger flavours – think the broccoli and mustard families – also indicate increased phytonutrients.” To build a better-tasting, betterfor- you salad, combine garden-variety lettuce with these high-powered greens.

1. Baby spinach Three cups of raw spinach serves up about a third of the amount of iron that men need each day, plus a hit of bone-building calcium. Toss it with slices of orange, walnuts and balsamic vinegar.

2. Radicchio This spicy-tasting, red-leaf chicory is popular in Mediterranean salads. It’s rich in lutein (for eye health) and vitamin K (for bone strength). Toss it with freshly boiled pasta, olive oil and Parmesan.

3. Rocket Rocket is rich in vitamin B and K. Add it to sandwich, or mix it through your normal salad leaves to pack a peppery punch.

4. Watercress These deep green mustard tasting leaves are filled with nutrients and high in moisture. Rich in minerals like calcium, toss leaves with grapefruit segments and avocado for a healthy, lowkilojoule salad.

Can I Bring A Woman To Orgasm By Fondling Her Breasts? – Mbulelo

Hard science hasn’t authenticated the breast-gasm yet, but don’t let that stop your own field testing. The feel-good hormone oxytocin floods a woman’s brain and body in response to both nipple and vaginal stimulation, and it’s released from just one part of her brain, says Dr Barry Komisaruk, author of The Science of Orgasm (R231, “The two pleasure signals can cross paths, making orgasm possible.” To fine-tune your fondling, don’t go straight for her nipples – they’re not the most sensitive part of her breasts. Instead, start by circling her breast with your fingertips, and then use your tongue, says sex educator Dr Yvonne K. Fulbright, author of Sultry Sex Talk to Seduce Any Lover (R183, “Close in on the areolas and suck her nipples: creating suction brings extra blood to the surface, making her nipple more sensitive.”


What’s The Fastest Way To Improve My Memory?

Gaming – Really! A new Dutch study found that people who played at least five hours of computer games a week outperformed non-gamers on tasks related to working memory. First-person shooter games require players to react quickly, adapt, and monitor visual and auditory stimuli, all tasks that enhance the capacity of your working memory, says study author Dr Lorenza Colzato.