Eat This Homemade Healthy Burger And Chips Without Cheating On Your Diet
Keep your fat-burning going all day with this spicy chicken recipe

October 14, 2017

healthy burger and chips with vegetables around it

A healthy burger and chips recipe sounds too good to be true. But this one makes a few adjustments in order to ensure your cravings are satisfied but your progress isn’t wrecked. Because, let’s face it, nothing is more difficult than trying to lose weight when all you want is a big, juicy burger and chips.

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The secret to making this healthy burger and chips? First you’re going to use chicken instead of beef for the patties. That’s because if you’re trying to restrict calories, chicken is the best way to go. It’s high in protein and low in fat compared to the other types of red meat you might consider using and by using a chicken breast you’re getting the leanest cut. Plus, chicken is a great source of iron, zinc, selenium and B vitamins.

You’re probably familiar with the benefits of iron, zinc and B vitamins, but don’t forget about selenium. It’s a mineral that’s important for cognitive function, fertility and having a healthy immune system. And just by eating chicken you’ll be reaping those benefits (without having to head to supplement the aisles of Dischem).

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The second secret of this healthy burger and chips recipe is that you’re going to make chips with fresh ingredients that are flavoured to perfection. We hear your groaning and maybe you think those oil-soaked fries are the best part. But we did say that we’d be making some adjustments and we’ve ensured that this one is still equally enjoyable. And the freshness of the cucumber (yes, cucumber) chips really does help avoid that heavy feeling you usually get after scoffing down a burger and chips from your local takeaway joint.

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So there you have it, you can keep your fat-burning going all day with this healthy burger and chips recipe.

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