Cook Once, Eat for a Week: Garlicky Pulled Pork
Slow-cook a hunk of meat to tender perfection; then either pack up portioned lunches or turn the leftovers into easy meals

October 3, 2017

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Let’s talk butts. Specifically, the pork butt, which may also go by “pork shoulder” or “Boston butt,” depending on where you live. A whole pork shoulder is a huge cut that runs from the shoulder to the front hoof. The butt isn’t the pig’s rear end (surprise!) but the top of each shoulder. Since these are hardworking muscles, the meat is tough. So unless you want a jaw workout, don’t eat seared steaks cut from the butt (uh, shoulder). Slow cooking is the best way to break down those muscle fibres.

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With the cooked pork you can make a weeks-worth of lunches by adding coleslaw, potatoes or rice. You could even make a pizza that has pulled pork on it. The possibilities are endless!