Could You Be Stuck With That Belly Forever? This Man Thought So Too, Until He Made These Changes
Check out how he did it and the lessons he learned below:

March 2, 2018

man who lost belly fat doing a pull up on a concrete ceiling beam

Nothing is more inspiring than a hometown success story. Thsekedi Rammutla, a 27-year-old Potchefstroom lecturer is one such case showing again that with the right motivation and drive not even the flabbiest belly stands a chance.

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Check out how he did it and the lessons he learned below:


Doing super sets in the gym and revamping the fridge helped Rammutla reach the lighter version of himself. “I changed the way I ate and began eating smaller meals in-between meals. I have been starting to change my lifestyle by eating smaller portions. I have a more structured plan because I know exactly what to eat.”

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He says he feels very good now: “People notice the difference, and I feel confident. You have more energy and you can do a lot of things – you wake up early and you can multitask.”

Rammutla’s Top Tips

1. Get Fit Fast

“I used high intensity training where you have spurts of high exercise and cooling down. It’s more effective than running on the treadmill at a constant pace because you run out of breath and you can feel it.”

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2. Alternate Your Training

When the gym gets packed, adapt your workout, Rammutla suggests. “I tended to mix my exercises up because the gym tends to get full and you can’t always train as recommended. You need to be able to tweak it here and there. That was nice about the programme – it kept changing to give your body a new challenge.”

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3. Power Through Obstacles

At first, Rammutla’s body took a while to adjust to the heavy lifting and unfamiliar eating pattern. “The first two weeks were a challenge, but after three weeks your body starts getting used to it.”