HOW TO: Decode Her Orgasm And Leave Her Satisfied Every Time
Studies show that women regret sex less if you're good... Time to up your game, gents

October 18, 2016

I’m sure we all think we’re pretty good in bed. At least that’s what her “O’s” say, right? These bulletins will fill you in on what the boys in the lab found out about sex.

Secrets of a Happy Hook-up

You can ease her walk of shame. Women are less likely to regret random hook-ups if the sex was satisfying, according to a new Canadian study. The researchers interviewed women about uncommitted sexual encounters and found that bad sex was associated with disappointment, embarrassment and guilt. Good sex, however, rarely led to regret. “Orgasmic sex causes the release of oxytocin, which promotes bonding,” says study author Dr Maryanne Fisher. This could lead her to believe it’s the start of a relationship. But even if you can’t promise forever, you can promise protection: using a condom may also reduce her regret, says Fisher.

The Last-Longer Jab

Careful, doc! An injection of hyaluronic acid gel in the head of your penis may combat premature ejaculation, new research from Egypt reveals. In the study, men with PE were able to last about six minutes longer for a month after the procedure. “The gel coats nerve endings in the glans penis, decreasing sensitivity and delaying ejaculation,” says study author Dr Rany Shamloul. After three months, however, the guys’ thrusting lasted only three minutes longer than at baseline. Future research will assess the efficacy of a larger dose, as well as techniques to minimize patients’ pain.

Decode Her “O”

Those moans may be strategic: women fake orgasms to keep men from straying, suggests a new study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. Women who perceived a higher risk of infidelity were more likely to report pretending to orgasm. That phony “O” may be her attempt to show she’s committed and reduce the chance that you’ll cheat, says study author Dr Farnaz Kaighobadi. Other ways she reels you in: flirting with guys in front of you and calling at unexpected times. Now you know.

Wanted: Self-Made Millionaire

90% of women prefer a long-term partner who earned his money rather than inherited it. “Women associate self-earned wealth with reliability, self-sufficiency and intelligence,” says study author Dr Peter Jonason. If you have family money, play up your generosity – donate to charity, for example. That shows you don’t take your wealth for granted.