Does Penis Size Matter After All? 160 Women Reveal The Answer
A survey of 160 Scottish women revealed that for those who highly value vaginal orgasm, a longer penis is preferred.

November 27, 2018

mielie wrapped in measuring tape penis size

A survey of 160 Scottish women revealed that for those who highly value vaginal orgasm, a longer penis is preferred. Over a third of the women (33.8%) claimed they were more likely to consistently have a vaginal orgasm when their partner’s penis was longer than average, however 60% of the women said size makes no difference.

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Researchers believe the findings may be attributed to several variables. One theory is that sensory nerve endings that could trigger orgasm run the entire length of the vagina and into the cervix and some women have a greater response to deeper penetration and stimulation of these areas.

The study did not show that possessing a larger penis had any bearing on the frequency of inducing other forms of female orgasm (including clitoral or orgasms achieved through oral sex). It is suggested that evolutionary factors could be partially responsible for women’s preference of a mate with a larger penis in terms of their perceived ability to perform and reproduce.

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Another Australian study to be published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” found that penis size is one aspect that determines a man’s appeal to the opposite sex.

105 heterosexual women rated their levels of attractiveness to varying life-size images of naked male figures. The images differed in height, penis size, and shoulder-to-hip ratio. The bulk of the women found taller men with broad shoulders, narrower hips, and a longer penis to be most desirable, however the results showed a sharp decrease in attractiveness when the traits were extreme.

Women found a flaccid penis of approximately 12.7 to 14cms to be most attractive (the study states just over 8.89cm is average). The ideal length penis selected by women was closer to the average than the perceived ideal height or hip-to-waist ratio of mates.

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Study authors believe this shows women prefer more extremes in height and hip-to-waist ratio than they do in penis size. Researchers are hopeful these findings will lead to better understanding the evolutionary development of the human male penis, which has developed into an appendage longer and thicker than the penis of any other primate.