The Double-The-Portion, Half-The-Guilt, Bangers And Mash Recipe
Double The Portion, Half The Guilt Bangers and Mash Recipe. Because winter.

June 25, 2014

bangers and mash on a plate ready to eat

Is there anything better than loading your plate up with mash on a cold evening? We think not. That’s why you need this double-the-portion, half-the-guilt, bangers and mash recipe. Because it’s winter and we’re stuck inside and in winter, your brain decides no amount of mash is ever enough.

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You have two options, says nutritional scientist Jane Baker: “Use Yukon potatoes [or other waxy potatoes], which are naturally creamy so need no milk or butter, or a mash of swede and carrot. Even a double portion will have nowhere near the glycaemic load, fat content or carbs of normal mash.”

Another trick is to go with grilled 80% meat sausages and treat yourself to an extra couple. An even better idea is to go for chicken sausages. Pork sausages can sometimes be double the calories of chicken sausages and they are a lot higher in fat.

Woolworths’ traditional pork banger is 1 200 Kilojoules per 100g. But when you look at their chicken sausages, it’s a lot lower. The free range chicken sausages from Woolworths are 750 Kilojoules per 100g. And even if you opt for their Moroccan-spiced sausage, it comes in lower at 720 Kilojoules per 100g.

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You can see there’s a great difference and that’s when you’re cooking the meal yourself. Want to know what your local pub’s bangers and mash usually come in at? A lot more than you might think, that’s for sure; around 3 753 Kilojoules (900 calories). But luckily for you the MH version of bangers and mash is a lot less calorie-dense than that. This bangers and mash recipe is 2 293 Kilojoules (550 calories).

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So go on and make this meal, settle on the couch after a long day of working from home and enjoy a good Netflix show, or two.