Exercise Can Improve Your Grades
A study done on Spanish school children has found a link between physical exercise and academic performance

June 24, 2014

fitness test

Certain types of physical exercise has been linked to an increase in academic performance,  according to a new study.

Exercise impacts all parts of the body including the  the brain. In this study scientists tried to determine how different types of exercise influence your nugget.

The study, which made use of complete data on physical fitness, body composition and academic performance for more than 2 000 adolescents, found a link between academics and two types of exercise.

Participant’s motor ability was found to have the strongest link to academic performance. To a lesser extent,  cardiorespiratory capacity – the ability of the heart-lung system to deliver O2 to and remove CO2 and motor ability also showed a relation to academic performance.

“Having high levels of cardiorespiratory and motor fitness may, to some extent, reduce the risk of school failure,” says to Irene Esteban-Cornej from the University of Madrid.