Fast-track Your Promotion
Here are four ways to convince your boss that you're the guy for the job

June 7, 2011

Sure, you’re ambitious and talented. But unless you’re seen as trustworthy, too, you’ll remain a wage slave forever. Marc Salem, author of The Six Keys To Unlock and Empower Your Mind, tells you how to earn your boss’s trust, fast

Be Like Him
We inherently trust people who are like us, so emphasise things you have in common. Maybe you went to the same university or to schools with annoying fight songs. Even tenuous connections build trust.

Like Him

Imagine that a colleague comes into your offi ce one day after a meeting and says, “I liked the passion you brought to your argument”. When he leaves, you think, “Smart guy, good head on his shoulders,” even though he didn’t say he agreed with you and even hinted that you’re a raving lunatic. That’s the power of “like”. Now, go like everything your boss does.

Shadow Him

Your boss wears striped shirts three days a week? Mimic his look. He grabs a second cup of coffee at 10am every day? Cross paths with him often, java in hand. He uses a Treo instead of a Blackberry? Palm will be happy to sell you one, too. Tiny similarities like these will seep into his psyche, and he’ll start seeing you as an extension of himself.

Protect Him

It’s not exactly brave – but it is important – to support your boss’s ideas in public. Stomp a bug (real or imaginary) outside his office, or warn him about that crappy new restaurant in town. Guard his interests and he’ll start championing yours.