Fix Your Eating Habits Fast
In need of some nutrients? Get all the nutrients you need with these tips...

May 31, 2011

1. Bag Fresh Crayfish

To make sure the crayfish on your plate is the same one you saw bobbing in the tank, check out the tail. Is it curled? If not, the lobster you’re looking at was dead before it was boiled.

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2. Sterilise Your Oysters

The next time you order oysters, add a dash of Tabasco sauce before gulping them down. The spicy sauce will kill the dangerous bacteria found in the raw molluscs in less than five minutes, researchers have found. Infection from the bacteria is rare but can be fatal, especially in people with impaired immunity.

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3. Gum Back Seconds

When sanity dictates that you stop shoving food into your face at the buffet table, pop some minty gum into your mouth. It changes the flavour of everything that comes after and makes that third helping of lasagne almost impossible to swallow.

4. Milk Your Meat

Here’s a way to feel better about eating an occasional juicy steak: wash it down with a tall glass of low-fat milk. According to research, the calcium in the milk may help reduce the amount of saturated fat your body can absorb. Like fibre, calcium binds with fat molecules and helps flush them through the intestines.

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5. Press Your Luck

The fact that your beef is brown doesn’t necessarily mean it’s well done and therefore safe to eat. Meat that’s old or has been exposed to air can brown prematurely, making it appear cooked. Press down on the burger and note the colour of the liquid that seeps out. If it is nearly yellow, with no trace of red, it’s safe. If not, send it back.