Forever Young
Refuse to be defined by your age.

February 5, 2014

My old man is in pretty good shape. I’m not sure he fancies being called the “ol’ man” but secretly I think he likes the underdog status of a fit old guy. Nearing 70, he’s a gym regular – lifting weights and cruising a few lengths in the pool most mornings. And he’s also been surfing since the 1960s – one of those veteran longboarders whose face is covered in zinc cream and who surfs no matter the weather. Besides going a little grey, he remains as fit and strong as I can remember.

I often wonder if it’s just that generation, or whether it’s a life choice, something we can control? Is it in our genes, or a result of our lifestyle? In “New Tricks From Old Dogs” or (“This 80-Year-Old Can Kick Your Butt!”) we profile six active “older” guys who are living proof that what you read on the cover actually works. They run, swim and lift weights, but I think what they do best is refuse to be defined by their age. Most of us can’t run the Comrades or swim around Robben Island, but I bet athletes who continue to push their bodies can teach us about living large. Hell, come 70, I’d be happy to be as fit as my old man.

– Jason Brown