Get Adam Levine’s Look
Even without moves like Jagger, you can still pull off Adam Levine’s look. This is how it’s done.

April 9, 2014

Get Adam Levine's Look, Adam Levine's style, dress like a rockstar

You don’t have to be a rock star to dress like one. With our guide, any guy can get style that endures longer than a three-minute single

Levine has the look mastered. A sleek moto jacket, 
(a racing style jacket if you’re wondering) like his is something you want in your closet for years. If badass black isn’t your speed, opt for a more refined style – like a lighter shade. Follow the Maroon 5 vocalist’s lead and break free from basic blue when it comes to picking pants. Instead, try equally neutral, olive coloured chinos. Even
 a simple T-shirt can grab the spotlight when it skims your torso and lands no lower than the hip.