Have The Best Sex You’ve Ever Had
Have sex so hot she won't know whether she's coming or going...

October 17, 2016

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You can have great sex anytime. But Unforgettable sex? Seven Women tell us why getaways drive them wild.

Kristen wasn’t even sure she liked Rob. But when he suggested a road trip over a long weekend, she figured why not? He was cute, and she was bored. They drove south, stopping along the way for burgers, took a random right turn and came across a hot springs resort. They were exhausted after a long day of driving, so they agreed to hit the sack, and set up camp. But they didn’t get much sleep. “I’ll never forget it – the pitch dark, the steaming water, the skinny dipping.” Twelve years later, Kristen and Rob are married with kids. They still talk of that trip as their defining moment. “It was the right trip at the right time with the right guy,” Kristen says. “The springs sealed it.” A spontaneous escape turns friends into lovers. It creates memories that last a lifetime. So we asked women to share their hottest stories. Read on for a few ideas on where to go.

Alone-In-Paradise Sex

Every year my boyfriend and I celebrate his birthday with a camping trip. Once, in the Cedarberg, we found this gorgeous trail that ended at  a waterfall with crystal-clear pools of water. The area was green and lush with all these huge trees and caverns, like an ad for soap. At dusk, we took a few beers to the waterfall to cool off. We started kissing, and little by little our clothes came off. Eventually I found myself giving him oral. He was leaning on a huge boulder, and I was partially under the falls. I could feel the cool water trickling down my body as the sun set, and I noticed all the sounds, smells and textures. I could hear things rustling in the leaves, the birds chirping. It was all very cinematic. I got up and faced the boulder. We had sex for a good 15 minutes, both of us taking it all in, looking out over our piece of paradise. Being outdoors is a turn-on – it heightens your senses in the best way, and you have sensations that you’re not used to. You feel wilder, more alive. – Christine, 40

Stealthy Sex

I met Sam on a trip deep to the coast for a wedding. I thought he looked great in his tux, so I flirted pretty hard with him, dropping hints that I was the only single girl at my table. He offered to keep me company on the dancefloor. At one point it was just the two of us, and he gently leaned over and kissed me. Afterwards we kept hanging out, and later that night, fuelled by tequila and dancing, we broke off to walk back to the guesthouse. As we walked in the door we both realised we’d left our keys behind the front desk – and there was no one behind the counter. We couldn’t wait. At first we just kissed. I wasn’t sure if things would go much further – anyone could come in at any moment, after all. But then he pulled me into the hallway, reached down with one hand and slid off my panties. A few minutes later, I came. Despite the fact that we were strangers, it was intensely romantic. The beach. The night sky. The stars. The romance and the thrill pushed me over the edge. – Maria, 33

One-Night-Only Sex

My friend and I met up in the Cape for a music festival. Somehow, she’d forgotten our tent, so we had nowhere to sleep for three days. Thankfully, SA’s deep south is full of hot surfers. Dylan was tall, boyishly handsome, and smelled like coconut. His friend was cute too, so we started flirting. Later, we all snuck into the woods behind the stages. Everyone was making out, drinking twist-off wine. It felt like we were the only people in the world. Dylan and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other. His kisses melted me. When we found his tent, along a river next to a bunch of festivalgoers, I experienced one of the sexiest strip-off-your-clothes moments ever. We were skinto- skin in his sleeping bag. The buildup was so intense. Our friends were sleeping next to us, and I didn’t even hide my moans. The next morning we exchanged numbers. Turned out, we went to the same university. I saw him back on campus once after that, but it wasn’t the same. The magic was meant only for that one beautiful night. – Emma, 25

Unrestrained Sex

A few years ago I took a trip to my one-horse home town and brought my then-boyfriend, Mike, with me. We rode bikes along back roads. I wore a short dress, pedalling ahead to show off my legs. We stopped on a bridge to enjoy the view and leaned on the railing, listening to the water. I was telling him about the village, all the time I spent there as a kid, and he leaned in and surprised me with a kiss. We started making out. My adrenaline was pumping. A car approached. We pulled apart – it could’ve been my dad. But that’s when I knew: I wanted him. Here. Now. This place was special – and this was one of the only things left that could make it more special, give it new meaning. The car passed and we kept going. He reached under my dress and slid off my panties, tucking them in his pocket. I unzipped his shorts and pulled him closer. It was all over in a few minutes, but I didn’t care. I felt so naughty and adventurous, and for the rest of that weekend I couldn’t stop replaying the moment in my head. – Samantha, 28

Mile-High Sex

On a flight, my boyfriend, Stephen, was extra frisky  and determined to join the mile-high club. I protested – the flight was only two hours, and it was daytime. At my fourth refusal, he resorted to a more persuasive method. He grabbed my hair, tugged, then kissed, sucked, and bit my neck while his hand slid up the inside of my dress. I was too turned on to say no by that point. He went into the restroom first. I nervously followed 30 seconds later. He was sitting on the toilet seat with his pants at his ankles. When I squeezed inside, he turned me around and plopped me down in a seated reverse-cowgirl position. He pushed my dress up, pulled my panties to the side, and thrust into me with a firm hold on my hips. I never knew I could come so fast. Back at our seats, two female flight attendants approached us. Without saying a word, one of them unfolded our trays and spread out a white cloth napkin, while the other placed two glasses of sparkling wine and a rose. They whispered, “Congratulations.” – Caroline, 41

Exhibitionist Sex

I was on holiday in the Drakensberg with my guy, Joe. We’d been lost for hours, driving aimlessly along twisty, winding roads in the mountains with no phone and only a handwritten map to guide us to our hotel. By the time we finally found our way there, we had plenty of pent-up energy to work off. The balcony of our third-floor room had this amazing view of the Midlands. I’ll never forget it: the sun was coming up over the horizon, and, as if on cue, we started ripping each other’s clothes off. We weren’t exhibitionists; we just recognised how perfect the moment was, and decided not to hold back. Part of being on holiday is about letting go of your inhibitions. Plus, I kept thinking about how romantic it felt to be looking at this beautiful scene while bent over the balcony railing of our hotel room, having sex with the man I loved. And that’s when I noticed the grounds crew below. They were cheering the performance we didn’t realise we were putting on. We smiled, waved, hustled back inside… and kept right on going. – Ashley, 31

Reinvention Sex

“Keep them open,” I said, nodding toward the curtains. The thought that someone might see us was a turn-on, but not something I’d risk at home. I straddled my husband. Tonight was about us – no risk of the kids hearing anything, no worrying that the neighbours might ring the doorbell. That’s why we’d started doing this whenever possible after we had the kids. A hotel. One night. All that mattered was having the room to ourselves. The best sex is always the next morning as we wait for room service: the opposite of my usual mornings. I don’t have to be a mom. I can just be a woman. – Holley, 45