Gym Etiquette: The 8 House Rules You Should Always Stick To
Whether you're a vet in the gym, or you're just getting started; there are a few rules that you should stick by. Here's our guide to gym etiquette.

February 8, 2018

Inexcusable gym faux pas, and the kit you need to buy your way out of them.

Base Layers Are Okay

As the recovery-boosting benefits of compression gear like Under Armour become more well-known, gym goers have accepted them not just as a base layer, but as your only layer. On top at least.

UA HeatGear Compression T-Shirt – R599 at Zando



Never Let Your Junk Hang Loose

Doubly so if you frequent the treadmill. Under Armour makes fitted boxers that prevent chafing and kill odours.

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This Is Not A Disco

Don’t blare out your playlist for the world to hear. BOSE SoundSports Wireless Headphones keep sound in – and won’t fall out either. R2999 at DionWired





Don’t Drop The Weights

If you’re no stranger to the thundering crash of falling dumbbells, boost your grip with a pair of Adidas Core Perf Gloves. R599 at Adidas.




Share The Fountain

Don’t hog it: hydration is the right of every gym-goer. Bring your own bottle instead. Nike Hyperfuel water bottles are BPA-free and feature a one-handed design, perfect for those sprint intervals. R329 at Totalsports






Don’t Leave Sweat On The Machines

It’ll rub fellow gym cats up the wrong way. Bring a towel or opt for sweat-wicking kit like Nike’s Breathe Gym shirt. R299 at Totalsports






WTF are…

Knee Sleeves?

Also called knee caps, these help keep your knees tracking in the correct range of movement in any kind of squatting moves, and get some compression and extra stability in the process. Knee sleeves are great training aids for heavy lifters and anyone with a dodgy knee history.

Our Pick: Rocktape Knee Sleeves. R650 at

Weight Belts?

They’re nothing new, but they’re still an essential weapon in any weightlifter’s armoury. Invest in a decent one to protect your back and help keep your technique honest when the barbell starts getting stacked in your full-body lifts. Just remember that they can make your lower back work harder so never complete a full workout with one on. There’s no substitute for good form.

Our Pick: Harbinger Leather Weight Belt R599 at Sportsman’s Warehouse