How To Brew Coffee Over a Fire
You should never settle for lousy coffee. Even when you're camping. That's why you need to learn how to brew coffee over a fire

July 10, 2014

camping coffee

Out In the woods, your emotional wellbeing is as important as your physical health.

That’s why you should never settle for lousy coffee. Consider Sarah Huck Azulai, author of Campfire Cookery (R401, your backwoods barista.

The Gear
Buy a lightweight aluminum or stainless-steel pot, and pre-ground espresso or Turkish coffee – the finest grind you’ll find.

The Method
1 Pour a small amount (¼ cup) of ground coffee into your pot and add 4 cups of cold water.

2 Place the pot on a grate over a live fire. (No grate? Rest it on top of the gap between two logs.) As soon as the mixture reaches a boil, remove the pot from the fire and place it on the ground. (If you let your brew boil too long, it’ll end up tasting bitter.) Let your coffee sit for a couple of minutes to allow any stirred-up grounds to settle.

3 Use a ladle or mug to skim each serving from the top. Pull up a rock and enjoy.