How To Build Wealth
The mind-altering effect of money

June 12, 2013

Build wealth

The mind-altering effect of money

We like to think we 
control money, because it seems so easy to control. Money is simple. Money obeys. But as we’ve all learned, we do not control money. In fact, money can relieve us of even our most deeply held principles with the bored ease of an usher taking a ticket. Everyone is vulnerable to its corrupting influence: in one University of North Carolina study, 
simply looking at cash led people to overstate their 
performance on a word test. Money, in other words, is not unlike a foxy blonde: a mere glimpse makes us act like fools. We do it over and over again – falling into debt, buying useless crap, churning our investments. Studies show that once we meet our basic needs, making more money won’t make us happier, yet we keep panting after it. It’s time to stop underestimating the power of money. The real question is: what is the nature of that power, and how can we take it back?