How To Do Everything Better – Springbok Style
Take advice from the pro's

February 6, 2012

Take advice from the pro’s

How to work within your limitations – Gio Aplon

Set higher goals
“I was always told that I was too small [1.75m and 78kg] to make a career in rugby. But this is how God made me, and I have to do the best I can with what I have. For me the challenge is not to change other people’s perceptions, but to set my goals high, and work hard to achieve them. If it works, then perfect. If it doesn’t, then at least I’ve given it my all, and my teammates will respect that.”

Build a second carreer – Bob Skinstad

Prepare for your next move
“I had an advantage, as I was always interested in business and I took a mid-career break from rugby [starting up a sports management company] to make myself more compatible with the ‘outside world’. So when we won the World Cup in 2007, which had been my main goal in returning to rugby, I could go back to concentrating on what to do for a living.”
Use tech to your advantage
“I love Twitter for its real-time news element, but my iPhone is the tool that has made it the easiest for me to keep in touch – from work through to family. It allows email and multiple calendar syncing through Google calendar and now even Google+. I am an Apple fan,
as Mac users are the best evangelists for their products.”

Balance your life and your work – Gary Gold (Assistant Coach)

Keep perspective
“Finding balance is difficult when your job is also your passion. I’m incredibly fortunate because when I have to work hard, it’s not a chore. But there are times, truthfully speaking, when you lose perspective. In my life, the important thing is to stay healthy and, in that respect, I’ve taken an interest in mountain biking and golfing to refresh my mind too. I’ve also got involved in business, which keeps me grounded.”

Earn respect as the new guy – Willem Alberts

Make your mark
“It had always been my dream to become a springbok, so when the opportunity came, i grabbed it. I gave my best in every training session, and i showed the experienced players how proud I felt to wear the Springbok jersey. As with anything, the key is to remain humble, because opportunities can be taken away at any moment – by injuries, by a loss of form or even by a better player. You have to remember that it’s a privilege to do what you’re doing, so always do your best, then nobody can fault you.”

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