This Is How To Go Deeper During Sex
Even if you're an average-sized guy you can give her that deep feeling she craves - with a few simple postural adjustments.

October 4, 2017

How to go deeper during sex

If you’re an average-sized guy and want to penetrate deeper during sex, you can give her that deeper sensation she’s craving just by adjusting your position. Dr Debby Herbenick PhD explains how.

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1. Try rear entry positions

Rear entry positions often feel deeper for women, especially if her back is angled downwards – for example, if she’s in doggy style position, then rests her head on a pillow.

2. Mix it up with missionary

While in classic missionary position, get your partner to move her legs closer or further apart to adjust the sensation. If her legs are closer together, this will give you a tighter sensation, but if she opens them up further apart, it can help achieve a deeper sensation for her.

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3. Keep a towel nearby

If your partner gets very wet during sex, that can actually decrease some of the sensation. Take a quick break to towel off both your genitals, and then get back in the saddle – a little less wetness can give you more friction, more sensation and help your thrust feel deeper during sex.

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