How To Have A Better Lawn
A green, good-looking lawn adds serious curb appeal and can even increase a home’s value. Learn how to keep your lawn in tip-top shape.

July 11, 2014

Mike Ballou, product manager at John Deere, gives pointers on keeping your garden looking its best:

Stay Sharp
A sharp mowing blade doesn’t just keep your mower running efficiently but also lessens the time it takes to cut the grass. It keeps your lawn looking better. So if you have a dull blade the ends of the grass look torn and ragged because it tugs on the grass instead of gently trimming it. If so its time to sharpen up

Just a trim
Do not cut too much from the top of your grass – one/third off the top is the rule. Cutting to low damages the crown of the grass – the structure that keeps your grass growing strong – and keeping it high means less mowing for you because taller grass grows more slowly.

Take a different route
Every time you mow use a different route across the lawn because repeated mowing in the same direction can cause wear making the grass grow in the same direction and eventually falling flat. It also puts strain on the mower by going the same way. And importantly always opt for the safest mowing pattern especially on a hill or tight space.

Choose the right mower
Small yards – a walk-behind mower – larger than half an acre – riding mowers make it easier – and if your lawn is coarse or dense, choose a lawn mower with high horsepower.

Keep your mower in good condition
Keep it clean and prevent grease and dirt build up on the mowers engine. Keep it unclogged and clear of old dried grass clippings. Change the filter and oil regularly. Store it properly away from the elements.