How To Look Better In Photos
Use these 4 tips from celebrity photographer Michael Grecco to become more photogenic

November 4, 2013

be more photogenic

Come on guys, do you really think Matthew McConaughey looks great in every photo? Okay, maybe he does, but that’s partly because he was shot by a talented photographer like Michael Grecco. If these tips from Grecco can help McConaughey and Will Smith, they can make you picture-perfect too.

Put on a good face. No one’s face is exactly symmetrical, so you need to find your good side. Look straight at a mirror and, while keeping your eyes fixed 
on your reflection, turn your head a few centimetres left and then a few centimetres right. See a difference? If not, ask a pal to take three shots of you: one turned to the left with you looking at the camera, one straight on, and one to the right.

Take it on the chin. Push your head forward a centimetre or two just before the picture is snapped. This creates the effect of a stronger jawline. For an even more flattering jawline, sit 
down and ask the person with the camera to stand up.

Do some posturing. Pull in your stomach and stand up straight. If you’re sitting, make sure your shoulders touch the back of your chair. Inhale deeply on a four-count and then exhale slowly on a four-count so you look poised but natural.

Upgrade your Instagram. 
If there’s little contrast between light and dark in the photo then try the “Lo-Fi” filter, which raises colour saturation but gives your photo a slight blur. If there’s high contrast then try “Rise”.