How To Overhaul Your Wardrobe On A Budget
Here are the basics you need

October 4, 2017

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This is basically all you need to know about transforming your look and up your style game with least amount of effort needed.

Step 1: purge your closet

Before you add new clothes to the mix, let go of the pieces that are bringing you down.

Raid your closet and toss anything that doesn’t fit, has holes, or is obviously outdated, says lifestyle brand consultant Randi Packard. (So long, boot-cut jeans you haven’t worn since university.)

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Step 2: make a list

Once you complete the purge, make sure your closet has these 9 essentials:

1.    Slim-fit jeans
2.    Solid sweater
3.    T-shirts in basic colors
4.    Henley shirts
5.    Button-down shirts
6.    Navy blazer
7.    Jacket
8.    Casual shoes
9.    Leather sneakers

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Step 3: go shopping

Fill in the essentials with your favourite budget-friendly brands.

When picking out a new item, Packard recommends choosing a simple colour palette—white, black, grey, navy, olive green—because these colours look expensive, even if they aren’t.

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If you’re shopping on a budget, spend the bulk of your money on jeans, a blazer, a white button-front shirt, and casual shoes, says Andrew Weitz, a Beverly Hills-based style consultant. Then use the rest of your portioned money accordingly.