How To Revive A Stale Sex Life
3 new moves a week, for a month.

October 19, 2017

Illustration of sex positions

So things are getting a little predictable in the bedroom. Or even worse – you’ve hit a dry spell. Instead of plodding on through the desert of a nonexistent sex life, we’ve got a challenge for you: try 3 new moves each week, for a month.

The goal

Snap your sex life out of a relationship coma. “Sex can be exciting for single guys because the act is often a goal in itself,” says Yvonne K. Fulbright, author of The Better Sex Guide to Extraordinary Lovemaking. “But men in relationships may take sex 
for granted.”

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The prescription

Plan sex as if you were planning your weekly meals. On Sunday, schedule “dinner” for three nights, trading off position picks with your partner. For ideas, check out the Men’s Health Sex Position Finder.

The verdict

Our tester said: “The planning sessions were what made the difference. Simply asking my girlfriend off the cuff if she was down for the Butter Churner wouldn’t have made much of a difference, because there’s no inherent sexual salvation in the positions themselves. The key is that we carved out time as a couple just to think about sex – and talking about it on the couch while watching sport was all the better. These sessions are more than just brainstorms; they’re like tantric foreplay. It’s a turn-on when your partner suggests something you never thought she’d want to do. Then to have to wait five days is even more of a turn-on!”

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