How To Skim Board
Slide on sand without face planting.

April 9, 2013

Slide on sand without face planting.

Use this advice from pro-skimmer Cameron Sharpe, one of the best flatland skimmers in South Africa.

There are two ways to get on a skimboard: the standard run-throw technique and the hands-down technique. We recommend starting with the standard run-throw technique. It begins with kicking wet sand onto the underside of the nose of the board, which’ll help keep it weighted down when you throw the board onto the sand.

The next step is to pick the board up with your right hand at the back of the board and with your left hand holding the left rail of the board (for a natural foot stance). Then start running for a wave. You should drop the board just in front of you and the board should be travelling at the same speed as your running pace. Roughly three running steps are ideal before you jump. Put your back foot on the board, followed by your front foot.

Next comes the real art: you’ll either get on the board and speed across a thin film of water, or you’ll get on the board and then face plant (especially if there isn’t enough water). This also depends on the board, some are able to skim on very little water, while others might catch easier and give you great roasties.

If you stay on, make sure your weight is evenly distributed across the board so that it skims across the top of the water without digging in. Keeping your legs slightly bent with slightly more pressure on your front foot – which’ll help with the balancing act. Once you’ve mastered this, try do a few tricks off the waves.